Storage Services

Rocket Removals ® has various storage facilities for all your needs!
Please contact us for further details and pricing.

  • Container Storage

    Storage containers

    If your move from your old to new address is days, weeks or months apart, we can store your belongings in removals / storage industry standard containers, which are personal to you. Each 35 sq.ft container has a volume of 250 cu.ft. We will load them at your home, then take them to our safe, dry and secure indoor container storage warehouse facility.

  • Self Storage

    Self storage

    If you wish to store your belongings and have regular access, then we would recommend that you rent a self-storage unit. We are registered for the storage of household and office goods, storage of furniture and personal effects for private individuals, storage of goods for businesses & for advisory services related to storage.

  • Archiving and Retrieval

    Achiving and retrevial

    The demand for archiving and document retrieval is growing due to the legal requirements to hold documents for a set period before destroying. You may wish to use storage to free up office space.

  • Packaging Materials

    Packaging materials

    We stock and sell a wide range of packaging materials; boxes, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping papers, etc., which are suitable for most needs. We can even deliver to you days or weeks before your move.

  • Packing Service

    Packaging service

    It is essential during a removal that all fragile items are packed properly to avoid damages. Our packers can visit your home before the day of your move and expertly pack your belongings.